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 A Taylor & Selena Femslash Community
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demselfan [userpic]
Coffee Break

Title: Coffee Break
Rating: G-PG
Summary: When the world gets to overwhelming, I just need a little time to breath.
A/N: Based off the song Coffee Break by Forever the Sickest Kids. My first Taylor/Selena fanfic so be a little gentle please.


Coffee Break

        I sit alone in the small café that I found while staying here in L.A. It’s a little out of the way but it’s a perfect spot to just….escape from the world, and think.

        I had to get away from all the chaos that has been going on in my life. I’ve over committed myself with twice as many concerts that I should have, and I sleep so little these days. But I guess this is growing up, and I’m just gonna have to get used to it, cause I’m growing up and I can’t stop that.

        My phone buzzed next to me on the table, causing me to look away from the book I’m reading and down at it. Selena’s name flashes across the screen, but I don’t pick it up. We’re sort of in a…crack right now, and at the moment I can’t deal it. I told her I loved her, but she didn’t, or rather couldn’t say anything so I left, heading straight to where I sit now, silently sipping on my coffee.

        Hayley’s name flashes across the screen of my phone as soon as Selena’s name disappears. Selena probably talked to her, and she’s probably worried about me now, but I still don’t answer. Even though she has come to be one of my few close friends, I can’t deal with her questions right now.

        Demi’s name replaces Hayley’s. I figured she would call too, but I don’t answer. As soon as my phone stops buzzing and her name disappears I reach over and turn it off. I just need a little time to breathe.

        My mom hates my guts, and I suppose she has every reason to. She hates the fact that I like both genders, but she’ll never admit it. She doesn’t have to though, it’s clear on her face every time I talk about it that she does. But it still breaks me to know that I’ve torn her apart inside, so many times. I feel tings are about to change though, I guess that’s growing up.

“Hey Taylor we’re closing up.” Jeff, the café’s manger, told me. I hadn’t even realized that the sun had set and the dark cloud of the night fell upon the bustling L.A. city. I must’ve been sitting her longer that I had intended, probably from the little sleep I’ve been getting these days.

“Ok.” I shut my book and slip it into my shoulder bag that’s slung over the back of my chair. I pick up my two empty coffee cups and throw them into the trash before picking my cell up.

                And now that I’m done with my coffee break I turn my cell on and wait for the first call to come. And now that I’ve grown up I walk out of the café, hitting accept as my cell buzzed in my hand.

“Hey Sel. Yeah I’m fine, just needed a little time to breath.”


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Current Music: coffee break-forever the sickest kids

Hey - good job with this - never enough Taylor fics out there. I think you have a good start here for this story to possibly develop further.

And just as a beginner's tip for fanfic, especially for rpfs, it's always good to insert a little bit of the character/person's personality or quirks or little trivia bits (even if it seems kind of forced or cheesy) - your readers already love Taylor/Selena, so the more the story sounds like the things they already love, the more they'll love it!

Again, good job & hope to see more from you!

i liked it :)

thank ya :D

i'll try :]